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Day 7 - Something Funny

Today's theme is something funny ...  I really wish I had my camera or the guts to take a picture of what I saw on Saturday.  It was pretty priceless.  Picture this: a young lady ... with a sombrero, a red clown nose, a loud red coat with random things sewed onto it (like balloons, ducks, and I can't remember all the other silly things) and a suitcase.  Is she going to the airport and actually traveling in this swell getup?  Will she be going to the hospital to cheer up the patients?  Does she have a guest appearance at a child's birthday party later on in the day?  Did she lose a bet and have to wear that outfit all day?  I don't know ... never will ... which is a real shame.  But man do I wish I had a picture of her.  

I did say I wanted to take pictures of the day ... so here are pictures of something funny from today.
This dashing young lad loves suits!  It's funny to me that a 2nd grader loves to dress sharp!  He wears them the majority of the week ... so funny!
My other sweet niece made me laugh over skype today ... she mimicked my cough, said byebye long before the conversation was over and points to things with her middle finger!  She is definitely a funny one ... constantly on the move ... sneaking up the computer screen trying to give me something or just get close to me.  I love that we can play over skype!  I sure do miss you, little one!
What funny things have you seen today??


  1. aw ... what a cutie! ;o)
    funny that he likes to wear suits! lol! does he "behave" or does he act like he wasn't wearing a suit?? lol


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