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- a speedy school day because my normal free periods were not free today :)  I experienced what the elementary teachers do almost every day!  Thanks, Montoya, for letting me take your class - I had so much fun!  
- walking home after being downtown - I love that we live so close!
- hanging out in third grade and listening to the kids present their poetry bios - soo precious!
- going to a friend's theater piece
- tomorrow is the last day of school for this week!!

ONE more thing, this is a semi GST though! lol  I'm thankful that while coming home and getting in the elevator no one was in it!  When I left tonight, the elderly Jewish man (the kisses guy with the LONG beard) got on at the 3rd floor.  He greeted me and said something about daugther and then preceded to do the whole touch my cheeks and kiss his fingers AND then he started coming in for the actual kissing of my cheeks!  After that, he gave me a big hug and said something and wished me a good night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AHHHHHHHHHHH ... it was so funny and I was dying of laughter inside and also dying of mortification!  WOW ... nothing like being kissed in the elevator!  


  1. LOL!!! Love your elevator story!!! Do you even know what he is saying to you? Hilarious! Before you leave that apt. (whenever that is), you should try to get a pic with him!!


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